Note From President

I've been hosting television and doing renovations for families all over the country for a number of years now. After I complete a project and show it to the homeowners I see joy and positivity fill their souls. One day I thought to myself, "Wouldn't it be amazing to bring that same sense of joy and positivity to a child suffering from an illness or disability?"

When I was a child, I cherished the times I was able to run and play outdoors. It brought me such joy and shaped the person I am today. I want children to be able to have that same opportunity. That is why I created Build For Love, to give those children in need beautiful and fun makeovers to impact their lives in a positive way. We give them new floors, furniture, bedding, lighting, and even painted murals to lift their spirits and help them heal so they can live the life that a young child should.

I would love for those interested in contributing to not just consider donating money, but also giving their time to the 'builds'. People are encouraged to not only donate monetarily, but also to come out to the builds to experience firsthand the power of the renovation. However, if you cannot donate your time, every penny counts so please give what you can! Be sure to check back and look at the pictures we post after each "build".

See the impact of your donation on all of the children's lives that we will change forever. I believe that when you give, you begin to better understand the world and you get the world in return. Give what you can no matter how small. Help us build up the love in this world and make it a more positive and beautiful place, one room at a time.

Let's build together!

Matt Blashaw


Meet Our Children

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