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Home's a pivotal part of life.

It's Your Largest Investment

Home is a sanctuary. It's a place you seek when you're looking to feel safe. It can become one of the most special places in the world. A space for you to cultivate love and happiness for many years. Here you'll share your time with the most important people in the world and invest your energy building a space that excites you.

A core value in my business is to help you live a happy life and ignite your passion for home. I want you to love your home. I envision you spending many years there, creating a family, and making it a happy place.

I'm building a network of passionate people who love home as much as I do. For this reason I've created an online home dedicated to ignite your passion for home. I'm Matt Blashaw and I'd love to be your inspiration.


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Build For Love

Supporting children with an illness or disability

Building improvements to their home (With Love!)


Mission Statement

provide support to children struggling or recovering from an illness or disability by making building improvements to their home.

Build for Love is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing support for families with children struggling or recovering from an illness or disability by making building improvements to their home. A handpicked team of Build for Love staff and volunteers arrive at each child’s home and complete a one to two day room makeover, making it fresh, fun, and most importantly safe for the child. This could include new carpet, flooring or furniture, and also includes something fun and specifically designed for the child such as a mural. Additionally, if needed, the Build for Love team can accommodate specific building needs such as wheel chair ramps or handicap accessible bathrooms.

Being able to support those in need provides me with a sense of fulfillment unlike any other. I'd be deeply grateful for you to contribute your time, money, or both to Build For Love.




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